Dennis Winston

Dennis  Winston
“My work reflects both my urban and rural experiences. As an artist, I am driven by needs that are both aesthetic and social. My themes are universal and are concerned with the everyday reality of all human existence. The woodcut allows me to use a bold and direct black and white approach in my work. This is an ordinary medium through which I endeavor to capture telling moments in the lives of ordinary people. It is an attempt to reveal something of their character, the history that has shaped them, and the spirit that sustains them. These works express essential ideas, and I have merged my vision and the medium to celebrate both the process and my perception.” –Dennis Winston
Featured Piece
Dennis  Winston Night Sky Blue

Night Sky Blue
- Woodcut
27 x 17 in
$ 700.00

Dennis  Winston Dusk Sky IV
Dusk Sky IV
Monoprint, Woodcut  
3 x 3 in
$ 150