Bob Carlson

I have painted all of my adult life, receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from the University of Maryland in 1973, and a Master of Fine Arts in Painting from the Catholic University of America in 1977. At Catholic, I was fortunate to study with John Winslow.

I tend to work in series of paintings sharing a common motif that I can explore and expand upon. I have been pursuing some of these series for decades. Their themes combine both the exploration of visual elements and may share a common subject or narrative aspect as well.

A common element in several of these series is the exploration of the effects of light, particularly as it plays upon and through water or other reflective and transparent surfaces. I am also interested in recreating a shared experience of our time and culture with the viewer.

Bob  Carlson Barronette Peak_ Yellowstone
Barronette Peak, Yellowstone
24 x 36 in
Bob  Carlson Yellowstone River in Hayden Valley
Yellowstone River in Hayden Valley
24 x 30 in