Dan Michael

Dan  Michael
Dan Michael, IAPS-MC, was born in Virginia, and raised in Michigan, in 1983 received a B.F.A. in Graphic Design in a joint program between Aquinas College and Kendall School of Design. After having worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for advertising agencies, the state of Virginia, and as a free-lance artist, he began painting full-time in 2008. Dan prefers pastel as a medium because of its directness, just pastels and textured paper. Pastels are simply pure pigment, the same pigments used in watercolor and oil paint, with just enough binder added to form it into a stick. His goal is to create paintings filled with light, atmosphere and a variety of textures. Because of the inherent ability of pastel to reflect light, and its versatility of application and manipulation, Dan believes reaching his goal is far more attainable.
Featured Piece
Dan  Michael Corn Crib

Corn Crib
- Pastel
10 x 8 in
$ 400.00

Dan  Michael Cracking Ice
Cracking Ice
14 x 12 in
$ 725
Dan  Michael Creek in April
Creek in April
11 x 14 in
$ 700
Dan  Michael Distractions
Distractions | plein air
7 x 10.5 in
$ 380
Dan  Michael Evening on Campus
Evening on Campus
12 x 16 in
$ 775
Dan  Michael Farm Equipment
Farm Equipment
6 x 8 in
$ 300
Dan  Michael Farm on the River
Farm on the River
11 x 16.75 in
$ 730