Patte Ormsby

Patte  Ormsby
I paint on panels prepared with thick texture and reflective treatments. I build the paintings, layer upon layer with sprayed pattern, translucent oils, metal leaf, patina and varnish resists. As layers emerge, crack or dissolve, they obscure or reveal underlying levels of color and shape that add the illusion of depth. Only then do I complete the process with finish brushwork to enhance that illusion and incite curiosity for what lies beneath. That which came before.
Featured Piece
Patte  Ormsby Filter 2

Filter; Polygon
- Spray Enamel, Composition Gold Leaf, Patina
40 x 40 in
$ 5,400.00

Patte  Ormsby Heavens Above
Heavens Above
Oil, Enamel, Metal Leaf, Patina, Craquelure on Aluminum  
10 x 8 in
$ 590