Kathleen Best Gillmann

As a native of New England, I grew up surrounded by the stunning beauty of Maine's coast, forested interior and clear mountain lakes. Early recollections of starfish in tide pools along the rocky shore and the immense ribbon of Milky Way stars splashed across the inky night sky still haunt my imagination. Consequently, my on-going love of the outdoors and connection to location finds its way into much of my current work.

I have been working in acrylic paint for a decade; a media I love because of its versatility, speed of use, and fact that it's water-based. More recently, I have re-introduced oils to my repertory - a media I was introduced to in high school and college. However, as a painter who loves to draw, I also find joy using pastel, other dry media and occasionally water color. The transparency of water color sometimes influences how I use other painting media.

Kathleen Best Gillmann Inundated
Acrylic on Canvas  
24 x 24 in
Kathleen Best Gillmann November Sky Over the Estuary
November Sky Over the Estuary
Acrylic on Canvas  
30 x 40 in