Mary O. Dickerson

In my craft and painting work, I reflect on my life and experiences. Every day we are bombarded with so much energy and chaos and never really realizing those particular moments may have an impact on me and change my life. One moment can change your destiny or your outlook. These are forces we do not have any control of and lots of times we question why. I try to isolate these moments and reflect, trying to make reason and build on them so that I can grow to be a better person. Life is a building process, layer upon layer. In my art making, I engage in a similar building process. Manipulating mediums together, one affecting the other, until I feel the work is complete. My reflections through art making are created in glass, fiber, clay and paint. I look as I drive to work each morning, or look into the woods in my backyard or see the repetition of line in a newly plowed field. Capturing these moments through nature as my subject not knowing if these moments will change my life.

Mary O. Dickerson Clear Glass Leaf Assemblage 2
Clear Glass Leaf Assemblage 2
Fused Glass  
12 x 5 in
Mary O. Dickerson Equilibrium
Cotton, Dyed, Rubbing, Fused, Hand and Machine Stitched, Quilted  
16 x 24 in
Mary O. Dickerson Everlasting
Clay, Frit, Glass, Glaze  
35 x 11 x .5 in
Mary O. Dickerson Pachypteris in Ice
Pachypteris in Ice
Glass, Incised Metal Inclusion  
20 x 12 in
Mary O. Dickerson Rhaspody of Color
Rhaspody of Color
Framed Pieces, Cotton, Dyed, Machine Quilted  
8 x 8 in
Mary O. Dickerson Snow Plop _36 _ Votive
Snow Plop #36 | Votive
Fused Glass