Kathleen Willingham

I work in both oil and pastel exploring the diverse avenues of expression that each of these two mediums allow with their differences and similarities. My goal is to create paintings that reflect my observations of the subtle or often dramatic effects of light, shadow, reflections in water and that suggest atmosphere as well as the mood of the day. Most of my landscapes are local scenes and places with which I am familiar and are often done on site. I am a lifelong resident of Fauquier County, VA. And my work reflects this rural background and love of its natural elements. Growing up on a farm, I have always been fascinated with seasonal changes, the lay of the land and the beauty of the area. I often create series of paintings with similar themes in which I explore the different variations of that particular idea to develop a body of work.

Kathleen  Willingham Allium
40 x 24 in
$ 895
Kathleen  Willingham Sentinels
20 x 20 in
$ 700