Bob Worthy

Bob Worthy's depictions of life and the figure allow viewers the opportunity to identify with broader notions of time and existence. His alternative processes photographic pieces and mixed-media art works are figurative masterpieces of shape and space that beautify an intimate subject matter, the unclothed human form singularly and in pairs. Often employing a dramatic use of negative compositional space Worthy presents the body as pure form, thus transcending the personal identity of his subjects. The body is abstracted and manipulated through the employment of unexpected points of view, extreme close-up and the intertwining of more than one figure.

Bob  Worthy Day Break
Day Break
Oil and Cold Wax on Panel  
16 x 16 in
$ 250
Bob  Worthy Morning Mist
Morning Mist
Oil and Cold Wax on Panel  
24 x 24 in
$ 350
Bob  Worthy Summer Crop
Summer Crop
Oil and Cold Wax on Panel  
8 x 10 in
$ 175