Kathleen Hall

I liken the process of creating my paintings to a storyteller weaving a tale. While the writer’s tools of the trade are complex characters and well-crafted narrative, mine are a simple painting knife and layer upon layer of thick, juicy oil paint. What people notice most about my paintings are the texture, dimension and vibrant colors, often complementary hues, juxtaposed to create energy and build tension. I sometimes observe viewers studying my paintings from multiple angles, tracing my journey through the layers (read about my technique). People ask me if I like Van Gogh’s work. I do! I love Van Gogh’s use of bold color, lines and the whimsical way he represents the objects and scenes he paints. This is what I hope to accomplish in my own paintings.

Kathleen  Hall Field with Red Flowers
Field with Red Flowers
Oil on Canvas  
24 x 24 in
Kathleen  Hall From the Sea
From the Sea
Oil on Canvas  
12 x 12 in
$ 500