Janie Pinney

Janie is a Richmond, Va. Artist who grew up with a passion for art. She gravitates to different forms of art and appreciates how art surrounds us, teaches us, and affects so many aspects of our lives. "I am drawn to color, shapes, and texture of many art mediums, but paintings are my favorite. I like to find something about a historical or modern artist that makes me feel connected to their story or their intention for creating their work. I am also very influenced by artist workshops. I feel grateful for talented artists who want to share their talent and techniques with others. If I walk away from a workshop having learned at least one good piece of advice, helpful tool, or technique, it is well worth it. I find every day experiences, nature, and other works of art to be constant catalysts for the creative process."

Janie  Pinney Sunrise in February
Sunrise in February
Acrylic on Board  
18 x 24 in
$ 975
Janie  Pinney Across the Lake
Across the Lake
Oil Paint and Gesso  
16 x 16 in
Janie  Pinney Icy Storm
Icy Storm
Oil on Wood  
18 x 24 in