Dan Michael

Dan  Michael - Distractions

Distractions | plein air

Painting Pastel  
7 x 10.5 in

Framed under non-reflective museum quality glass. The painting is set under spacers in order to keep the glass raised. The stained wood frame is handmade with lovely cut details along with a thin beveled edge painted silver. Each frame is unique to the piece.

I'll have to remember not to paint when I'm hungry. The cabin next door starting grilling steak, and I heard them say the crab legs were almost done… smelled so good! If that wasn’t distracting enough, I heard some rustling in the weeds and up popped a skunk from a path that led to the lake. Apparently the steaks were getting his attention too. The skunk headed towards the cabin next door and I headed towards mine. End of painting for that day!

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