Jennifer Young

Jennifer  Young - Rugosa Coastline

Rugosa Coastline

Painting Oil on Linen  
24 x 30 in

Lane's Island Preserve was one of my favorite places on the island to paint for its rugged beauty and the sheer variety of coastal views. I spent a lot of time on the island taking a variety of hikes to really get to know the place and scout out locations for painting. One morning I decided to do a bit of hiking on one of the trails that I hadn't noticed on my previous visits to Lane's Island, and I'm so glad I did. I came upon this gorgeous view of Rugosa roses hugging the coastline, and determined to return that afternoon to see what I could capture. The completed painting from that day, entitled "Day's End, Lane's Island" (11x14") is also a part of this exhibit. As I often do with my plein air paintings, I developed this larger composition based on that smaller piece.

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