October 21, 2017
Meditation Workshop with Monica Rao

Time: 9:30-11am

Fee: $20 due upon arrival (cash or check only)

See Attached Registration Form Below

In this interactive workshop, Monica Rao will spend the first 15 minutes sharing her personal story; a life threatening illness to a near death experience to full and total healing! Monica will lead participants in a powerful guided meditation and energy healing session. Participants will learn how to bring their awareness into the present moment by tuning into their bodies. Additionally, they will learn to release blockages and negative energies that can block the flow of energies in the chakra system causing undesirable effects (dis-ease)in the body. Ultimately, she aims to help people alleviate themselves of stress, anxiety and illness so that they are able to find their inner gifts and bliss.

Come join like-minded people! Group meditation is known to positively affect the world in raising the overall consciousness level for all.

Monica Rao, MSA has been a meditator for more than twenty years. Originally trained in Mumbai India, Monica has a private practice in which she works as a meditation coach/life coach and an intuitive energy healer.

Download:   Meditation Workshop with Monica Rao

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