Jennifer Young | Gallery Flux Art Talk
September 10, 2017

The paintings in this exhibit represent my impressions and experiences from the island of Vinalhaven, Maine, where I was fortunate to have spent a fortnight in June as an artist-in-residence. An artist's residency allows an artist unrestricted time to focus solely on one's work, with the support of either rent-free accommodations during the residency period, a stipend, or both. Most importantly it allows the time and space to devote to one's art without the distractions and obligations of every-day life. Vinalhaven is an incredible location for a landscape painter such as myself. It is both an active fishing community and a rugged, natural coastal "haven" that invites an artist to develop a deep appreciation and connection to land and sea, and all of its many wonderful inhabitants. All of the smaller pieces on display (12x16" and smaller) were completed "en plein air" (in the open air) during my residency. The larger paintings are a sample of the work I have developed in my Ashland studio since my return. I am happily planning a return to the island next year. In the meantime, I will continue to develop this series throughout this year and into the next from my photos and studies done on-site.

-Jennifer Young


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September 10, 2017
Jennifer Young _ Gallery Flux Art Talk
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